Art of Dentistry

Aesthetics and Function

Art of Denistry

Aesthetics and Function

“Teeth are always in style!”

 Dr Seuss
Dr Vikash Naidoo


Dr Vikash Naidoo graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in 2001, and entered private practice soon after qualifying.
Very early on in his career he showed a flair for cosmetic dentistry, and soon thereafter incorporated the art of computerized cosmetic dentistry into his practice. He is passionate about computerized cosmetic world of dentistry, so far as to become an international certified CEREC trainer, and derives great satisfaction in training dentists who are new to to the CEREC community.

Being invested in computerized dentistry has allowed Vikash to travel the globe, ensuring that he is at the cutting edge of the latest developments in this digital area. Technology has rapidly progressed over the past decade, making dentistry easier, less traumatic, precise and highly efficient, a doctrine Vikash embraces completely.

Vikash realised that by cosmetically enhancing a patient’s smile, it is only one part of the equation in most cases, resulting in him becoming an accredited Dermal filler practitioner, allowing a holistic approach to facial aesthetics.
He also has completed a number of post graduate surgical implant courses through the much respected Implant Academy, placing him in a perfect position to be able to complete an excellent standard of comprehensive care.
Dr Vikash Naidoo is an Executive member of the South African Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry(SAACD), and participating member of the International Society of Clinical Dentistry(ISCD), South African Dental Association(SADA) and Health Professions Council of South Africa(HPCSA).


Ceramic Restorations

Ceramic Restorations

You probably know that a dental cavity is a hole in a tooth. But did you know  that a cavity is the result of the tooth decay process that happens over time?

Our mouths are full of bacteria. Hundreds of different types live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other places in out mouths. Some bacteria are helpful. But some can be harmful such as those that that play a role in the tooth decay process.

Tooth decay is the result on an infection with certain types of bacteria that use sugars in food to make acids. Over time, these acids can make a cavity in the tooth. Ceramic restorations are customised restoration fabricated using the latest in 3 dimensional CEREC technology. These restorations are micro accurate and have a far better longevity than any other restorative processes and materials. The added advantage of this procedure is that it can be performed in a single visit making this very efficient from a time perspective.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

A crown is an artificial restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape oa a natural tooth. A crown is sometimes known as a ‘cap’.

Why would i need a crown?
Crowns are an ideal way to repair teeth that have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. A crown could be used for a number of other reasons, for example:
you may have a discoloured filling and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth
you may have had a root filling and need to protect what is left of the tooth
it may help to hold a bridge or denture firmly in place.

This procedures have now become quite simple, efficient, and precise and can be performed in a single visit using CEREC.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

What are dental implants?
A dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth. It is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone.

Are implants safe and how long will they last?
Implants are a safe, well-established treatment. It’s probably true to say that implants, much like natural teeth, will last for as long as you care for them.

How well you look after your implants – and whether you go for your regular maintenance appointments – will have the biggest impact on how long they will last.

If you don’t look after your implants they will develop a coating similar to what you get on neglected natural teeth. Left untreated, this can lead to gum infection, bleeding, soreness and general discomfort.

If your implants are well looked after, and if the bone they are fitted to is strong and healthy, you can expect the to last for many years. However, just as with other surgical implants (such as a hip replacement) there is no lifetime guarantee.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat infection at the centre of a tooth (the root canal system). It’s also known as ‘endodontics’.

The infection is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth. This can happen after: tooth decay, leaky fillings, damage to teeth as a result of trauma, such as a fall and/or from gum disease.

Root canal treatments are a very technique sensitive treatment and thus requires the greatest of care, experience and of course the latest technology. From 3 dimensional x-ray(CBCT), to rotary hand pieces to magnification and the latest in root filling material.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening(bleaching) system are very popular whitening treatments and can significantly improve the appearance of dulled or otherwise discoloured teeth in a single office visit.

Although studies have shown that at -home whitening products may elicit similar results to those produced in-office, there is no substitute for the professional touch and careful monitoring that allow the safe and immediately visible results. An at-home regimen takes significantly longer to produce results.

Oral Hygiene Programs

Oral Hygiene Programs

Why are regular dental visits important?
It’s because regular dental visits are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. And in between those examinations, it’s important that you work to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. If you need additional help we may even suggest more frequent visits.

The Dental Cleaning
During the final part of the dental visit, your dental professional cleans your mouth using methods:
Checking the cleanliness of your teeth and gums
Removing any plaque and tartar using latest prophy jet technology(air brush)
Polishing your teeth
Flossing between teeth
Reviewing recommended brushing and flossing techniques

Once your examination and cleaning have been performed, you will be advised about health of your teeth and gums and then make additional recommendations. It’s important that you see your dentist every six months and that they give you routine examination and cleaning. Remember, by seeing your dentist on a regular basis and following daily good oral hygiene practices at home, you are more likely to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Training Centre


Cerec Training for Doctors

We provide in-office training, or training may be carried out in our offices. Training sessions can be personalised to address specific needs of dentist.
Dr. Naidoo is SADA CPD accredited and CPD points will be allocated for training sessions.

Dr. Naidoo is an ISCD certified CEREC trainer and offers basic, intermediate and advanced training sessions to doctors who are interested. For more information or to book training sessions, contact Cherie at dental rooms.

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